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Director's Message
Dear Student,

Welcome to our ABBSOFT world. Thank you for choosing Information Technology (IT) courses of ABBSOFT. It is one of the key of Software Training and Distance Education established in 2000.

I am glad to receive huge applause from all students, parents and corporate sector for establishing a benchmark in education sector with the grace of God's blessings. Relentless effort of every member and trust of people enable us to reach at the pinnacle. The Institute has promptly made its stand in the areas of Information and Communication Technology driven by a visionary management, special work force & strategic alliances with global IT leaders.

A person in our ABBSOFT most valuable assets and our goal is to work for the development of every individual here and let them share the success of this venture. This platform is committed to provide an environment that encourages all here to make full use of their creativity and unique talents to provide equitable compensation and the opportunity for personal development and growth that is limited only by individual ability and desire. In the age of globalization, innovation is a major driving force for achieving competitive advantage through developing opportunities for every individual. The growth in several sectors gives the clear picture of tremendous potential of growing employment opportunities in IT, Mass Media, Management etc. ABBSOFT's Educational and Training Institute is place where you endeavor to build global leaders while ensuring overall character development of our students in a world-class learning environment. For other career options, IT knowledge is essential for career advancement. Today's youth like yourself often find themselves challenged to keep pace with changes in technology.

Life is an opportunity; just make the best of it.

I also like to be the kind of team leader inspiring every drop-out in any sphere of life, boosting their morale to live life fully. I personally wish to lay stress on communication and transparency in all relationships avoiding double standards. We hope to build a strong organization working for the goodwill of mankind in each and every possible way. I believe that everyone should get opportunity to explore their potential and contribute in the social development through their skills. We strive to develop our students into consummate professionals who receive academic inputs through highly qualified and experienced faculties. The contribution of the faculties in the creation of ABBSOFT as an established brand cannot be ignored. An advisory board of eminent members further strengthens commitment of the Institute towards quality education.

The Most important part of your education is the institution you choose. While deciding on which institute to attend, there are several factors to be considered such as, the "Course & their Contents" offered, the "Quality of Faculty", the "Availability of Latest Infrastructure", the "Batch Size", the "Placement Assistance", the "Cost Factor", "Practice Facility after Competition of Course" and ultimately the "Student Satisfaction". We would like you to consider ABBSOFT as your Institute for computer studies. Always I invite your Admission, Suggestion, Complain and Inquiry, if any. Thanks for your Believe, Time and your Interest.

Best wishes for your successful career.