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Advertising & Sales Promotion
Business Policy
Communication Skills
Corporate Legal Framework
E- Commerce
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
Fiancial Reporting
Financial Accounting
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Internet
Management Information System(MIS)
Management of Financial Institutions
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management
Organisation Behavior
Production and Operational Management
Quality Management
Training & Development
Business Organisation Management
Company Law & Secreterial Practice
Financial Accounting
Marketing Management
C progarmming & Data Structure
Computer Networks
Computer Organisation & PC Maintenance
Data Communication
Data Base Management System
Fundamental of IT
Java Script, Multimedia
Network Programming
Operating System
Visual Basic (including ASP)
Website Design
Communication Skills in English
Computer Fundamental
Computer Graphics
Computer Network & Security
Computer Organization & Architecture
Data Structure
Data Base Management System
Java Programming
OOPS with C++
Operating Systems
Programming in C
Relational Database Management System
Software Engineering
System Programming
UNIX & Shell Programming
Advanced Computer Graphics
Advanced Computer Network & Security
Advanced Java Programming
Advanced MIS & E-commerce
Advanced Operating System
Analysis & Design of Algorithm
Computer Organisation & Architecture
Data Structure
Data Base Management System
Descrete Mathematics
Financial Accounting
Internet Programming & Web Designing
OOPS With C++
Programming in C
Advertising & Sales Promotion Organisational Development & Change Management Information System
E-commerce & Internet Risk Management & Insurance Operations Management
International Marketing Computer Network & Internet Production & Planning Control
Marketing Management International Business Environment Strategic Management
Organisational Behavior Mall Management & Risk Management Data Base Management System
Quality Management Merchant Banking & Financial Services International Human Resource
Compension Management Portfolio Management & Security Analysis Managerial Economics
Financial Management Sales & Distribution Management Operations Research
Logistic & Supply Chain Management Customer Relationship Management Project Management
Marketing of Service International Finance Management Technology &
Innovation Management